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Here is what people are saying about Come Hold my Son parish mission concerts:


"Thank you for your inspiring performance at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School in Grand Rapids on Friday! As a staff member, I was so moved that I went to Adoration directly after the concert. You moved me to tears many times!"   

- Lori J.

"Wow, we had a great time at the Dan Oberreuter concert in Highland Michigan at Church of the Holy Spirit last night. If you ever have a chance to see him next time "The Thirsting" is in town, it's a can't miss opportunity."   

- Alan P.

"Thank you Daniel for sharing your amazing gifts with the Catholic Women's Conference yesterday. "Come Hold My Son" moved me to tears. I'm blessed to have found some wonderful music that can deepen my faith. Thanks again."

- Kelli M.

Daniel, great meeting you ... and thank you for coming to Celina, our Parish needed to hear your message, and I know I did. It was the best concert I have been too, and I have been to quite a few in my life. God Bless and thank you."

- Garry L.

"Thank you Daniel for coming to Celina. I love your story--your mission--your music. When you sang your song--Come Hold Your Son--at mass--I could not breathe. It went right into my heart. Now I have listened to it many times and I so love it. How blessed you are with that talent. You stay strong--we all sure need you and your band. God bless you abundantly with many new wonderful songs."

- John C.

"So excited to see Daniel Oberreuter with his guitar tonight at Our Lady of Mercy! Thank you for music I can actually let my kids listen to. God Bless."

- Laura L.

"My 7 year old son was with me at your concert tonight and is so excited by your music. He is playing your cd (way past his bedtime) right now. I showed him the video for Stepping into the Day and he asked what the man was doing when he entered the church and I said 'going to confession' and he said, 'Oh! Pushing the reset button!" Awesome!"   

- Amanda H.

"Earlier this year, my husband, son and I went to a free concert in Angleton, Tx. And since that day my 14 year old has been saying the rosary at night. We're a strong Catholic family but we only ever made the effortduring lent. Well, after catching him saying the rosary several times, I started to join whenever I caught him. Then our 8 year old started joining and so on and so forth until even the 4 year old was joining. Now, we say the rosary as a family every night. I had downloaded an app after the concert for my use and thought it might be that it appeared on my son's phone. But last night as I thanked my son for bringing us closer and leading us to the rosary on a daily basis, I asked him what had prompted him. And without pause, he said you. Mary has used your voice to soothe the spirit, but she has used you to inspire the son of a deacon in a way that even his father had not been able to do. GOD Bless you and your music!!!!!! Thank you."

- Christina

"I was at your show tonight at blessed sacrament in IL... my father ... my mother and I absolutely loved your show and want to tell you thank you. You are such a gift and true inspiration . So refreshing!"

- Ruthann M